Ministry & Seminar Time with Gerald Bradley

The following list is an outline of the ministry seminars that Gerald conducts.
The full content and details of each seminar, are available on request, either by e-mail or postmail.

  1. Discovering & applying the dynamics of the Renewed Mind.
  2. The power of Changing Channels.
  3. 8 Steps to Christian Victory.
  4. Personal Motivation & Goal Setting.
  5. The power of Attitude Adjustment God's Way.
  6. The challenge to positive Biblical living
  7. How to handle Stress and Relaxation.
  8. The importance of Leadership Refreshment. ( 6 hours to 3 days).
  9. Powerful, effective Christian Communication.
  10. Developing and Expanding a vital Marriage.
  11. The power of Scripture Memorisation.
  12. The challenge to personal and Church Evangelism.
  13. Dynamic discipleship.
  14. Developing vital health and physical fitness.
  15. How to deal with Strongholds and Spiritual Warfare.
Each seminar module is between 3-6 hours in length.






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